Counselling and Therapy in Croydon

Sometimes in our lives we just need some help or support and we don’t have anyone to talk to, or the people closest to us don’t understand us, or they have their own issues they might be struggling with.

You may be thinking “I can’t talk about personal feelings or experiences to a stranger”.  “How will I be able to trust this person”?  

You may be feeling scared and anxious about taking this important step, so ask yourself “could I try one or two sessions and then see how I feel after this”? “What if I do feel able to start to deal with my issues”?

This is the dilemma that you may be thinking about before considering counselling. It’s not an easy decision and you need to be ready to take this first step.  

You can take this first step and trust in yourself.

Contact me in confidence to book face to face or online counselling sessions on t: 07505 749 946 or click here for email, daytime, evening and weekend appointments are available.